The Importance of Proper Denture Maintenance

There are many common misconceptions about dentures that may keep people from properly taking care of their dentures and staying healthy. Dentures and implants are especially prevalent in Canada, where $12 billion are spent on dental services annually! With so many people getting mini dental implants and dentures, it is important that they know how to take care of them.

Proper denture maintenance is the easiest way to prevent breakage and keep the cost of dentures down. When cleaning your dentures, it is best to do so over a sink full of water or a nice, cushy towel, in case you inadvertently drop them. Using a soft-bristle brush and denture cleaner will protect your dentures from staining and the tiny scratches that may be left by normal toothpaste. When you are not wearing your dentures, you should soak them in denture cleansing solution or water, to prevent them from drying out and cracking.

If you should happen to drop your dentures and they break, your first thought may be to fix them yourself. Depending on the type of break, however, it may be advisable to have your dentures fixed by a professional. If a tooth breaks out of your dentures, you may be able to glue it back in with a denture repair kit. Many denture repair kits claim to fix cracks in the denture as well, but those should be handled by a Calgary denture repair professional. Do not glue the denture tooth back in with superglue or other non-dental adhesive, as they may be toxic.

If you find yourself away from home and in need of denture repair, you should attempt to find a denturist to fix them, at least temporarily. At some point in their lives, 70% of Canadians will develop gum disease, and 50% visit their dentists at least once every six months, so finding a dental health professional, such as a denturist, should not be difficult. Simply look online or in the phone book for “Calgary denture repair” or “Calgary denturist,” and book your appointment whenever you need it.