Denture FAQs Answering Your Common Queries

Who needs dentures? 

Anyone who has lost their teeth for any reason, or at any age, can enjoy the benefits of dentures and the subsequent smile that restoration can bring. Today, there are many custom available fits that allow for comfort and function. 

What types of dentures are available? 

The three primary types of dentures are full dentures (both upper and lower sets), partial dentures (when certain natural teeth remain), and fixed/implant dentures. 

We at North Hill Denture Clinic provide a variety of custom dentures, and our denturist will consult with you to assess what option is best for your situation and healthcare needs. 

What can dentures help with? 

Dentures that have been adjusted to an appropriate fit can help anyone with missing teeth regain confidence in their smile, improve speech, chew more naturally and fill out a facial profile that has been changed due to tooth loss. 

Should I remove my dentures at night? 

This is a case of what provides a good night’s sleep. For full denture wearers, this is a good choice, after exercising proper denture hygiene before storing them in a cleaning solution overnight. For partial denture wearers, it is advisable to leave the partial inserted as this prevents the remaining natural teeth from being pressed into the opposing gums causing sore and tender spots. This also prevents overclosure of the jaw causing TM joint stress. 

Will my dentures fall out?

As your gums and mouth change, you may find that your dentures do not fit as well and may start slipping. This can be minimized by having your dentures regularly adjusted or relined by your denturist. 

How long do dentures last? 

Dentures can last around four to eight years, assuming they are properly cared for. This includes brushing your dentures daily, soaking dentures overnight, keeping up with regular dental hygiene routines, and having them examined annually by your denturist. Care in eating hard foods should be exercised. 

Will my dentures look natural? 

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, properly fitted, quality dentures can absolutely look like your natural teeth and gum line. Denture teeth come in many shades and contours , making it possible to achieve the most desired effect.

Will I be able to eat with my dentures? 

Yes, you can eat with your dentures. Many find it more comfortable than chewing with missing or damaged teeth. It is recommended, especially in the beginning, to cut food into small pieces, and avoid difficult to chew items such as gum, taffy, or ice. 

How can I make my dentures fit comfortably? 

There may be a period when you first start using dentures where your gums may feel sore. This adjustment period is normal and may take up to a few months before they start to feel more comfortable. In the meantime, you may lessen your discomfort by using denture adhesive to prevent movement and food from getting stuck in between your dentures and gum line and taking proper care of your dentures. Consult with your denturist if concerns arise. Do not let a small irritation become a big problem. 

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