Denture Relines And Soft Denture Liners


A reline is used to re-fit a person’s denture to their gums by placing a new acrylic base into the denture. A reline can bring back suction, comfort and stability and discourage food from going under the denture.

The most common reason that dentures need relining is alveolar bone ridge resorption (shrinkage of the oral tissues). Alveolar bone ridge resorption causes your gums to become thinner and more pointed which then can cause pain.

Relines and Soft Lined Dentures Teeth Relines in Calgary Soft Lined Dentures in Calgary

Relines should be done every two to three years as a normal part of denture maintenance. Proper maintenance of your dentures is important to the health of the oral tissues and bone support.

Sore Gums?

Try a Soft Liner.

If you have gum pain despite meticulous adjustment of your denture and you have noticed the lower denture becoming loose and uncomfortable then you may want to try a soft liner.

The soft liner is mainly used for the lower denture. The soft base is bonded onto your prosthesis. Being more porous, the soft base adheres better to what remains of your gum, giving your denture more stability. This type of liner is also less irritating to your tissues.

The soft base will not stop the shrinkage of your gums, which are continually changing. To ensure that your new soft liner provides continued comfort, you should have it checked every year and replace it when necessary.

Due to its porous texture, the soft liner should be cleaned daily. An annual examination will also help prevent hygiene problems. The Denturist will be able to recommend some effective cleaning techniques and products that will best suit your new soft denture base.

Note: If a soft liner is still not helping your discomfort you may need to consider implant supported dentures. Dentures on implants are the most effective treatment of loose fitting dentures that cause bone loss and pain.

Caring For Your New Dentures

Your dentures are made with high quality acrylic. In time, your dentures will lose their shiny, smooth finish due to scrubbing them with a denture brush or by the very nature of the foods we eat. Daily cleaning with a soft brush and using a commercial denture cleaner like Nudent will help keep your dentures clean and comfortable. However, in time you may find that stains and calcium will adhere to the surface of the denture, usually around the neck of the teeth.

Your mouth is an environment that contains many oral structures like glands and ducts. To ensure that they are in good oral health, you should return to your Denturist for an oral examination every year. At this time, the Denturist will examine your denture for wear and fit.

As a rule of thumb, you should establish the following routine with your new dentures:

  • Have them checked annually
  • Have dentures polished every 6 months
  • Reline them every 2-3 years for optimum fit
  • Replace them every 5-6 years depending on wear and shrinkage of your gums

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