Understanding the Link Between Tooth Loss and Your Health

Understanding the Link Between Tooth Loss and Your Health

When you’re a child, tooth loss is natural and essential for developing your permanent teeth. As you age, losing permanent teeth is detrimental to your health but can be remedied. Tooth loss in adults can be the result of poor eating habits or oral hygiene leading to chronic gum disease. It could also be caused by an accident or sports injury or by the handiwork of a chronic illness, such as uncontrolled diabetes. Whatever the cause for your tooth loss, having a full set of teeth is in your best interest for ease of eating and a confident smile. Read on to learn more about how tooth loss and your health are interconnected and recognizing when to get dentures from Calgary’s North Hill Denture Clinic. We offer free patient consultations to discuss dental dentures!

Health Issues Caused by Permanent Tooth Loss

Nobody enjoys having missing teeth as an adult. When you have missing teeth, it may feel as if everyone is staring at you whenever you eat or speak in public. You may have difficulty pronouncing certain words or relishing in some of your favorite foods, such as corn-on-the-cob or apples. Smiling fully for all the world to see without feeling self-conscious can become a battle. However, tooth loss-related health issues can also include:

  • Gradual Shifting – Eventually, the rest of your permanent teeth will begin to shift to close any gaps left in your mouth by missing teeth. As your teeth shift, it can cause bite problems and create pockets between your teeth that are harder to clean. Bacteria lurking in these hard-to-clean areas can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Over the long term, those issues often lead to bone loss.
  • Receding Gums – It’s not uncommon for receding gums to develop because of tooth loss. This condition often causes sensitivity issues and results in the need for root canals and other expensive dental procedures to save other teeth from needing a tooth extraction.
  • Severe Bone Loss – Many adults with missing teeth experience facial sagging as a result of severe bone loss, which can age you prematurely. Getting dentures can help you resume a youthful appearance, as well as restore the function of your remaining teeth.

Tips for Preserving Your Full Set of Permanent Teeth

While we do specialize in dental dentures for Calgary-area patients, we don’t want to see anyone suffer from the loss of their permanent teeth if it can be avoided. Here are a few helpful tips from our friendly denturist for preserving your full set of teeth as long as possible:

  • Eat a Well-Balanced Diet – We’ve all heard the lectures about eating all of your fruits and vegetables since we were kids. However, the key to developing good oral health begins with eating a well-balanced diet with limited consumption of sweets. That’s because sugar turns into plaque developed by the bacteria in your mouth, forming a corrosive acid that attacks your healthy tooth enamel. Eating too many sweets often leads to cavities, and eventually, tooth loss.
  • Pay Attention to Hygiene – Daily brushing and flossing are your best defense against tooth decay and loss. Visiting your dentist at least every six months for check-ups and cleanings also keeps bacteria and plaque at bay.
  • Avoid Tooth Grinding – Grinding your teeth and chewing on ice regularly are surefire ways to lose your teeth over time. It’s also dangerous to open packages with your teeth.
  • Prevent Accidents – Prevention is said to be worth a pound in cure. If you play contact sports, always wear a helmet and mouth guard to protect yourself from tooth loss caused by injuries.

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If you’ve already experienced tooth loss due to aging, chronic illness, or injury, North Hill Denture Clinic provides many options to help you restore your smile. From complete and partial dentures to implant-supported dentures, we’d be happy to discuss your options during your free initial consultation. Please contact our Calgary, AB denture clinic today to schedule your consultation with our skilled denturist!

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