Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are the latest thing for the person on the go who does not want to worry about loose fitting dentures. The implant supported dentures are pure titanium devices placed into the jawbone. Titanium is able to bond with the bone, a process known as osseo-integration. This process may stop or slow down the bone loss that occurs once teeth have been lost. Today, implant supported dentures are used for replacement of one tooth (crown), several teeth (partial-bridge) or on full upper or lower dentures.

Who is a good candidate for implant supported dentures?

  • Anyone who is in reasonable health
  • Those who are not satisfied with their current denture
  • Those who wish to eat better, smile more often and feel more secure when talking and laughing
  • Age should not be a deterrent. If you are healthy enough to undergo routine dental work then you are healthy enough for implant supported dentures.


The costs involved for the implant supported dentures vary with each case. At your consultation your Denturist will discuss the costs with you prior to beginning treatment. As a rule, the cost of implant supported dentures and the surgery itself is not usually covered by dental insurance. However, it is tax deductible and thus, more affordable than it might first seem to be.

The treatment steps:

  • Preparation and treatment planning, use of x-rays and CT scans
  • Surgery and placement of the implants
  • 3-6 months to allow Osseo integration to take place
  • After 3-6 months – uncover the implants and attach abutments
  • The final step is to attach your new teeth to the abutments

Note: The system can also be used for Patient-removable dentures.

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