Completely Customized Dentures

Completely customized dentures

The process to fabricating dentures requires 4 appointments, including the complimentary initial consultation. The 1 st appointment is for taking impressions of your mouth; the 2 nd is for more complex impressions and measurements; the 3 rd is to have a Wax Try In of the denture for verification fitting with the 4 th appointment for insertion of your new denture/s. There will follow an appointment within 2 weeks to ensure the fit and function that you can expect of a customized denture. After , we will follow up with you in 6 months for continued support as well as annual check-ups.

All of our dentures are made in house by a regulated denturist. All adjustments and repairs are done in-house by the denturist who originally met with you. You can be guaranteed of truly personalized care with no wait times for an outside laboratory to do this work.