102 Year Old Canadian Native Enjoys Favorite Foods Again, Thanks To Denturist

A 102 year old woman, Maude Boone, is happily smiling again, thanks to her new dentures. A Newfoundland native, Boone was admitted to Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook in November 2014. She misplaced her dentures during her stay. Boone’s family mashed up all of her meals for the remainder of the year, unable to book an appointment at the beginning of the busy holiday season.

However, that all changed when the family contacted a nearby denture clinic in Deer Lake. Denturists specialize in every step of the tooth replacement process; consumers can visit denturists to get dentures fixed, purchase new dentures, or to clean, care for, and/or whiten dentures. What’s more, denturists may have greater availability, given that they hone in on one specific area of dental treatment.

Local denturist Jamie Fitzgerald went out of his way to help Boone, doing a rare house call to come to the aid of the kindly elderly woman. After six visits to ascertain Boone’s new dentures fit comfortably and to her exact specifications, Boone can now enjoy her favorite foods again, and in their solid form. Boone told CBC News that she was especially looking forward to eating salt beef (also known as “corned beef” in the United States) with cabbage and turnip.

Boone isn’t the only patient who has suffered through periods of mashed foods and food restriction. A survey reveals that up to 12% of Canadians cannot eat certain foods owing to problems with their dentures or teeth. Another 12 million Canadians have lingering, untreated dental problems that may or may not affect what foods and drinks they enjoy. These groups ought to learn from Boone; like the 102 year old woman, Canadians can seek fast and convenient care at any of the 2,000 nationwide denturists and/or denturologistes. Denturists undergo thorough, specialized education in one of the four Canadian colleges dedicated to denturism to provide patients with the very best care.